It was during the year 1980, when a newspaper cost 300 italian lire , the tramway’s ticket 200 lire and 250 lire for a cup of coffee. The Inflation stand at 22% , increasing mistrust in the democratic system, the growing terrorism, the growing political crisis and rising absenteeism in large factories, the public debt was already at 43 trillions (billion)!

In Italy the oil price increased by 100%, the labor cost by a 29%, the prime rate for borrowing was 25% and despite the closure of 14 factories, the automakers recorded the highest number of car sales both Italian and foreign ones . The domestic market recorded a boom sale with the industrial production growing with a 7% upside . The money circulation was growing very fast with a really big quantity. …… no reconciliation and no one understood what was happening. The Italian numbers were awfully “inconsistent” and they were going around the world dangerously. The fight against tax evasion begins and a new tool was implemented : the tax receipt , but people still use to write 10 instead of 100, and the remaining 90 was always in black funds and no one knew who was producing it. Big scandals arose, the giant fraud on petrol affairs by politicians (2,000 billion lire), another one was the Italcasse (1,000 billion lire) collapsing and the money devaluations were sinking the Stock Exchange which suffer disastrous losses There were the terrorist attacks in Bologna and the shooting plane at Ustica, the Irpinia earthquake and the betting scandal that does not spare even the pleasure of .. Italian football. It was the end of December and it was the Christmas gift of a closing year very bad for Italy and very bitter for the Italians.

Wel, l I began my career path from there, from these earthquakes: in economy , banking priblems, trade, prices, politics in a year to forget. I lived these and other economic and more tragic events such as the numerous devaluations, the Plaza Hotel agreement in New York in 1985, the Black Monday on 19th October 1987, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the breakup of the European Monetary System in 1992, the destruction of the World Trade Center, twin towers in 2001, the bubble on the equity market crisis, the subprime of Lehman Brothers and Bernard Madoff case in 2008, the ‘Euro Zone’ crisis in 2012, or the ruble in 2014 .

Today I have the same enthusiasm and I continue to do trading, thanks to method and discipline with which I have been able to better manage the risks inherent in the markets which are always present. The technology has given me a huge help to build a valid scientific method and thus I get married with the technology.

A good pilot with a clear rules and a knowledge of its own limit but with a great car, could be there the winning combination in a race. Several incidents, maybe someone avoidable, but with all airbags and the protections it could be not deadly l! In economics, for those who lose there is always someone else who wins. To Hear people saying “everybody use to lose ” is a sentence that does not belongs to me thanks to the results which allows me to smile more and that gives me strength to continue. The financial markets are the adrenaline that makes me feel alive. After Francesco arrived and with him football! But this is another good story and another great challenge … that still goes on! …

Good trading and good football to all!

Tiziano Testa


Work esperience

April 1981 December 1986

RPMARTIN ITALY SPA - GROUP BIERBAUM - via Meravigli, 16 - 24121 Milan (Italy) Brokerage House - BROKER FOREIGN EXCHANGE

December 1986 December 1994

EUROBROKERS SIM Via Rosellini, 2 - 24121 Milan (Italy) Brokerage House - BROKER FOREIGN EXCHANGE - MANAGER FOREX DESK

December 1994 March 1998


June 1999
June 2001

ICM FOREX SPA Via Vittorio Veneto 32 24121 Milano (Italy) Brokerage House – Financial Institution EX art.107 – Co-Founder , BOARD VICE PRESIDENT

July 2001 December 2010

LUXORLAB SRL P.tta San Bartolomeo n.5 / a 24018 Bergamo (Italy) Software Developing House - Experimental research in the economics field - CEO

January 2007 March 2010

TRADE24 SPA Via Terraglio 49 31100 Treviso (Italy) Brokerage House – Financial Institution EX ART.106 - CO-FOUNDER - MANAGER

May 2010 December 2013

AG. Cattelani G. Allianz Bank Financial Advisor via L. Ariosto 6 / a - 42100 Reggio Emilia (Italy) FINANCIAL ADVISER

May 2013

WEAKRISK S.R.L. Via Verdi 2 24121 Bergamo (Italy) Software development for financial markets – FOUNDER & CEO


To trade in the financial markets it has to be set detailed rules, to have consistency, discipline and a strategy indicating which assets to include in the portfolio as a function of risk appetite and setting objectives . We define the assets as a choice of the medium term, and operating with a tactic that indicate how to move the portfolio within the constraints imposed by the strategy with short-term choices. The difficulty is the psychological management decisions, and it is a scientifically proved fact that a loss weights psychologically as three winnings of the same size. The lack of discipline suggests a disturbing question: is finance a zero-sum game? To a gain of a participant is it corresponding to a loss of the same amount of other participants and vice versa? In simple terms, we divide the same cake that never becomes larger as a result of the “players”. The defenders of the financial markets point out that the same cannot be defined “zero sum” because the value of securities traded tends to grow as a result of natural growth. The shares produce profits and bonds yearly coupons even apart from trading (and therefore by the actions of the “players”). It is clear that anyone who does not have the professional requirements of a proof trader must keep in mind the potential danger inherent in trading. Investors not experts, must always consider that it is illusory to hope to achieve, by the financial markets with trading, an excess return more that is inherent to the instruments themselves: profits for shares and coupons for bonds. In summary, it is not technically correct to call the financial markets a zero-sum game, but “it is good that investors, not experts, consider it like that.”


In recent years we have witnessed a number of systematic errors of assessment, there was a collective failure of market perception, the losses have exceeded several times what the best experts believed you could lose in a regular crisis. Faced with such contrary evidence due to the changing socio-economic and geopolitical events is good to stick to forecasts that can change quickly depending on how events evolve. There is no basis for the values ​​that make up the richness , the only price that exists is the present price, the reality of the moment that reflects the best future forecast, but nothing else beyond this. In every moment, the elements of political and social life influence the economic life, there is not a purely economic process of gravitation which values ​​around the long-term expectations. Anyone working in the financial markets is exposed to a risk, therefore a strict discipline is the only remedy to not run into embarrassing situations or difficulties to restore , which is why many people today rely on a Trading System.

A Trading System is a set of rules by which the data of a time series are interpreted on the basis to reach some signals to buy or sell. These rules can be formalized in the mind of a trader, or on a piece of paper or enclosed in a computer program; there is no difference. Who relies on a Trading System decides to temporarily eliminate the subjectivity and the evaluation from their emotional decision-making. In building a Trading System there is the assumption that market movements are not completely random, it is assumed them to exist, in a time frame series, some regularity of any nature, that they can be identified and used to make a profit . It is therefore considered that in the past price behavior is hidden, to some extent, the behavior of the future prices, or at least that part of the behavior of future prices can be deduced from the past behavior of a time frame series. Those who share this vision of the market, believe the past movements of a time frame series affect the future performance of the market. To project a system means to seek a regularity or a set of formalized regularity that will be useful to predict the future performance of a financial instrument in a way statistically correct. The trader is still responsible for the choices of medium term and decide on which financial instruments to apply the Trading System and allocate the capital .

The advantages of using a Trading System:

  1. It eliminates the emotional component that often leads to operate in ways contrary to the rules that you set and that leads us to operate incorrectly, the computer is emotionless, he just elaborate the data and communicates the operational decisions, the entrance and the exit from the market will be consistent and based on logical criteria.
  2. Eliminates stress due to negatives trades, as there is a kind of non responsibility of the trader, the machine was wrong, not the man by reducing the psychological strain linked to the need to take continuously operating risky decisions.
  3. The tactic and strategic decisions can be back tested on the past to discover what he would have done our portfolio in some specific market phases. This allows to evaluate the risk of trading tactic that is adopted by adjusting the own operational risk capital availability in relation to the expected objectives.
  4. It has the advantage of stability, the reliability on an automatic system already tested



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